Why this project?

It comes from a simple observation: when we travel with friends and need to settle down on the perfect housing for all of us, it's a pain.

We personnaly experienced it, sharing links from Airbnb and Booking housings all over the place, in Facebook, in Slack, whatever. We had no overview of all possibilities, no rationnalized way of comparing them, in terms of pricing per person for instance, among other points.

Why us?

We frequently organize remote working / retreat sessions.
We had the feeling we could fix this pain. And as developers and good product lovers, we could not let this go.

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Cécile Veneziani 😸

Rails turned Hanami developer

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🤓 Nicolas Filzi

Code & ingredients tinkerer



This globe is released under the Apache license.


Trip pictures

We use pictures from Wikimedia Commons to provide a default trip picture.

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Source code

The source code of this website is released under the GPL v3 license.

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